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Bainbridge, Yorkshire Dales National Park

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The sleepy village of Bainbridge is situated near to the shortest river in England, the River Bain and the River Ure in the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Verosidum, Roman Fort

Bainbridge is a short walk from Brough Hill, home to the remains of an authentic Roman fort, Verosidum, for which the foundation date is unknown. The name Verosidum is Latin for ‘the settlement of true men’.

The Romans kindly left a road here as well as the fort which is now an established green route which is enjoyed by mountain bikers and walkers alike.

Things to do in Bainbridge

Bainbridge has the luxury of an equestrian centre a short distance away in Gill Edge, here you are able to have riding lessons and take part in treks in the local area.

You can also fish in Semerwater lakes, the permits to do so can be purchases form the Rose and Crown pub.
Like the rest of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Bainbridge is a playground for all the mountain bikers and cyclists as the footpaths and bridleways are all easily accessed.



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